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At Capital Lending Syndicate, Inc (also known as CapitalCorp), we get you the working capital you need to realize your dream business and be your own boss!

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How It Works?

Streamlined application process, fast responses and swift business lending services enable you to remain versatile enough to adapt to an unpredictable economy without also missing lucrative business opportunities.


Funding Application 

Complete Our Funding Application. It's Quick, Easy and Confidential.

Funding Proposal

Chose Among Your Different Funding Options. We Explain In Detail Each And Every Option For You.

No One Gets Turned Away!

If You Are Not Pre-Approved, We Figure Out What Needs To Be Done To Get You Approved And Funded.

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Loan Proceeds Or Line Of Credit Checkbook Deposited To Your Bank Or In Your Mailbox As Quickly As The Next Ninety-Six (96) Hours.


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We Finance Your Dream Business!

CapitalCorp specializes in providing entrepreneurs and small business owners with the seed capital, working capital and or small business loans they need to start a new business or expand the operations of an existing business. With a focus on integrity, transparency and excellence, our mission is best defined as our desire to be the trusted partner of businesses seeking to unlock their full financial potential.

VisionThe vision of Capitalcorp is to revolutionize the small business financing industry by redefining the way businesses access seed, working capital and other types of small business funding. We aim to eliminate the traditional barriers and complexities associated with obtaining small business funding through conventional channels and normal lending sources thereby empowering startups and small businesses to achieve financial stability, grow, and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.



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For All Types Of Credit & Businesses

We are eager to help all credit types, both good and bad, access the business capital they need to realize their financial dreams and business goals. Regardless of the type of business you are in, we do not turn anyone away!

    International groups and corporations;
    Privately owned businesses;
    Nontraditional and high-risk Industries  


When it comes to startup capital, we provide a range of both equity and non-equity financing options


Established Small Businesses

Our trusted advisors tailor your business and its financial needs with the funding option that is most conducive for unlocking your businesses financial potential. Whether it be a secured business loan to buy some equipment or a no-credit-check alternative business financing option, we understand that each client's unique circumstances require customized financial solutions.


Tax Planning

Our experts provide tax planning and consultations with step-by-step guidance.

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Why Choose Us?

With a focus on integrity, transparency, and results, we strive to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking to unlock their full financial potential.

1. Transact With Safety & Confidence

Our 3rd party online escrow service provides you with maximum security because your payment is not released to us until the agreed contract is fulfilled.

2. Less Than Perfect Credit? No Collateral? No Problem

We offer no credit-check no collateral small business loans up to 2 million!

3. Unique Resources For Minorities & Veteran Business Owners

Special Purpose Credit Program Underwriting Guidelines And Grants To Help Veteran And Minority Entrepreneurs

Serving and satisfying needs of our clients will always remain our main priority.

Our team offers the high standard of integrity and is committed to be your reliable partner.

Advisors Help You Make Informed Decisions


1910 Pacific Avenue Suite 2000 Dallas, Texas 75201 





Want to be your own boss and a second chance at the American Dream? Take that next step!

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Financial Products & Business Lending Solutions

Explore the basic lending services we offer and along with our customized financial products


Unsecured Seed And Working Capital For Startups And Established Small Businesses

Our experts provide several solutions for funding at the early-stage growth phase of a business.


Conventional & Collateral Revenue Based Business Funding Options

This option includes bank business loans, business lines of credit, term loans and or equipment financing at competitive interest rates.


Alternative And Creative Startup And Business Financing Options

Our alternative lending sources provide our clients with access to capital when traditional options, such as banks, are not available.


No Credit-Check, No Income Doc And No Collateral Business Loan Options

Explore our unique funding sources that offer business loans with no credit check, business income or collateral requirements.


Business Credit

Business credit is a major financial tool for your business. It's used to qualify for loans and many other types of business financing, including shelf corporation funding. Our experts can build out the business credit of your aged corporation or aged company, thereby exponentially increasing your businesses borrowing power.


Crypto Lending

Crypto lending involves borrowing or lending digital assets, allowing individuals and businesses to earn interest on their holdings or access funds by using their crypto as collateral for loans.

- Cases -

Latest Case Studies

Below are some of our former clients. 


Telecommunications Equipment Loan

Client: BeSafe
Corporate Cash obtained an equipment loan for a global manufacturer of telecommunications to modernize their financial operations.

Learn More

Shelf Corporation Funding

Client: Craw INC.This startup company needed seed capital to complete a series of multi-phase milestones to open for business. Our aged corps with lines of credit provided the startup capital that Craw Inc needed to get its startup off the ground. 

Learn More

Rollovers For Business Startups (ROBS)

Client: Deva Inc.We’ve helped the Norman Newman team stay ahead of 21st-century technological change through shelf corporation funding to obtain the working capital they needed to adapt to the rapidly changing technology of both the marketplace and its competitors. 

Learn More

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Find out how much business funding you can get!

Don't think you will qualify for any working capital? Let us make that determination. We may surprise you!

First, you will complete a funding application. Second, we provide you with a funding proposal which lays out your lending options. Our business financing options include:

    No Doc & No Credit Check Working Capital or Startup Loans;
    Aged Shelf Corporation With Credit Package & Business Credit Funding;
    Business Installment Loans, Business Lines of Credit and Aged Corporation Tradelines
    Microloans, Corporate Credit Cards and Shelf Corporation Funding

Stop procrastinating and take that next step!

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What Our Clients Say

Let us know about your experience with our consultants. We're grateful for your feedback.

Get your annoyances, praises and or issues off your chest. 

Eliza Mendez

Program Director, Norton Inc.

"Tarang is my financial advisor for over 7 years and has never let me down. He proves his professionalism each time he deals with my issues, always on time and at reasonable prices. He is extremely efficient in helping me with both business and individual financial planning. If you are looking for long-term financial freedom and security, CapitalCorp is the right place."

24 February, 2022

Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Fresh Food Co.

"These guys got my financial life in order for me a few years ago and, to this day, are happy to respond to my inquiries. Indeed, I am their least organized client, but rather than be frustrated with my awful administrative skills, the guys at CapitalCorp have become trusted friends. When it comes to handling my money and offering important advice, I wouldn’t use anybody else."

11 May, 2022